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When I embarked on this journey of sharing wedding inspiration, it began under a different name, fueled solely by a desire to express my love for all things beautiful and to curate moments of inspiration that captivated me each day.

But then, as fate would have it, 2020 descended upon us with its challenges.

In the midst of upheaval, my passion waned, and my spirit found itself in a state of survival. There seemed little room for the beauty and inspiration that once fueled my soul.

Yet, with time, I found solace in accepting the new world that surrounded us, and I began to carve a path toward rediscovering the inherent beauty that still graces our lives.

Now, I find myself on a journey of capturing love as it blossoms into the sacred bond of marriage – a time cherished by all who experience it.

I hope to illuminate the boundless love that resides within each of us and to showcase how this love manifests in the hearts of couples embarking on their eternal journey together.