How to Plan a Wedding on a Budget

You just got engaged and set your desired date for your wedding? Now is where the challenge begins. The next thing to do is find out how to plan a wedding on a budget you have set or have in mind.

Getting married is an exciting time in one couple’s life! With so much choice available for when where and how to get married, with careful planning, you should be able to guarantee that your wedding day will be a very special day.

1 | Setting your Wedding Budget

Budgeting for that special wedding day is important as you could run up bills amounting to many thousands. Decide what your budget is at the outset, stick to it, and don’t be swayed and end up spending more than you can afford.

2 | Know the biggest costs

Some of the biggest expenses will arise from the cost of the wedding attire with the bridal outfit accounting for a substantial sum of money. On top of that will be the costs of bridesmaid dresses, flowers, corsages, and suit hire or purchase for the groom and best man.

3 | Set the right amount aside for your Jewelry

The wedding rings for the bride and groom will also be costly purchases as will the gifts for the bridesmaids and mums. The gifts given to the bridesmaid are usually pieces of jewelry and mums usually get lovely big bouquets of flowers.

4 | Venue, Guest List & Catering Costs

Decide on how many people you are going to invite and then look at potential venues and catering costs and explore the alternatives. You don’t have to have a costly formal sit-down meal when a more relaxed buffet-style function may better suit your needs. If you do opt for formal you may choose to limit the number of people at the formal sit-down meal to limit costs and then invite more guests to an evening buffet disco.

If you are getting married in church you will need to arrange some form of transport and there are many options such as renting a limousine or maybe a horse-drawn carriage.

The time of year that you are getting married may dictate many of the above. For instance, you may not want to arrive at a marquee in the middle of winter with the real likelihood of bad weather affecting your arrangements.

These days you can just about get married anywhere you choose and it doesn’t have to be in a church. You may be able to get married in the same venue where you are holding the reception. This will cut down on transport costs and you may get a better deal all around with an all-inclusive package. Whether you choose a romantic castle, a magnificent stately home, or something more modest, remember to stick to your budget and don’t be tempted to overspend.

A bride writing in a notepad

5 | If you decide on a Destination Wedding

Of course, you and your future spouse may just decide to go abroad and have a destination wedding. You may be either alone or with a few friends and family and get married on a beach, up a mountain, or even in Paris. Depending on your destination and the way you organized you get there if you choose a tour operator they may be very helpful in providing you with the correct advice and information about getting married abroad.

When choosing your exotic destination remember that some of the destinations we normally associate with glorious sunshine and beautiful beaches and scenery may have seasons where the weather may not be so predictable or kind. Beware of monsoon and hurricane seasons in particular.

6 | Wedding Planning Costs

Organizing a wedding can be a very stressful affair but there are usually plenty of people that will be willing to help such as friends and family as well as wedding organizers if you want to leave everything to a professional. There are also many ways that you can get the information that you need to ensure your wedding day goes smoothly and to plan.

Whatever you decide, good luck, have fun, enjoy and make your wedding day a very special day.

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