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Because there are so many items that have to be remembered in the midst of all the wedding planning stress, it is a good idea to create a wedding planning checklist so as not to forget or overlook anything.

And luckily for you, these days, couples have an especially great advantage in that there are websites that provide a wedding checklist for you.

The time leading up to your wedding is usually one of the most stressful times of your life. It is stressful in a good way but stressful nonetheless.

It all depends on your budget but there are even consultants who can help you plan your wedding and create your customized wedding checklist.

However, if you hire a wedding consultant, be prepared to pay a significant fee as these professionals do not come cheap.

One source reported a wedding consultant making $1,900 to $2,850 USD per wedding. Part of that consultant’s job is to make a checklist so you might save some money by doing your own wedding checklist.

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Wedding Planning Checklist – The Really Important Items

Of course, everyone will have an opinion as to what is important and what is not important on a wedding planning checklist but there are some major items that most agree are critical. Once you have budget planning as the first item on your wedding planning checklist, then you can prioritize the other major items that you cannot & absolutely shouldn’t forget. Below are just some minor points that should always be on your wedding planning checklist.

1 | Bridal Gown & Groom Attire (and for everybody else)

At the top of the list should be the bridal gown and the groom’s attire. Then next should be the attire for the members of the bridal party. And even before planning the attire of the wedding party should just decide who you want to be at your wedding party.

2 | Wedding Party Members

Deciding the members of your wedding party is a topic itself because it can get very complicated. The attire portion of your checklist is really important because you are going to have to arrange things like fittings for rentals or if attire is being custom-made.

3 | Wedding and Reception Venue

Other really important items on your wedding checklist include the place of the wedding and reception. These need to be at the top of the list as well because you will probably have to reserve the venues in advance.

4 | Wedding Menu, Wedding Ceremony & Reception

Next on your list are things like food that will be served at the reception, who you want to perform the wedding ceremony, and what entertainment needs to be arranged for at the reception.

5 | Other things that often get overlooked

Then there are the items that can be easily forgotten if left off of the wedding checklist. These are items such as the rings, the guest book, the invitations, the flowers, the honeymoon reservations, the attire for the honeymoon, the thank you cards, a photographer, keepsakes for the guests, and music for the reception. The list can just go on and on.

Conclusion: The Overlooked Items on Wedding Planning Checklist

One advantage couples have today that may not have been available to their parents is the internet where they can find many sample checklists.

These Wedding Planning Checklists can serve as a great starting point in building their own customized list.

Making a wedding checklist is very important and it is one item you must not overlook.

We compiled all of the things you will need for your wedding planning checklist in the below printable free PDF file.

Just enter your details and download it, use it, and let us know how your wedding experience was! Happy planning! 


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